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Roast Chicken Wraps

Roast Chicken Wrap,, Linu Freddy
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When it comes to my children’s lunchboxes, they crave variety. And I still indulge them as much as I can. These roast chicken wraps are a hot favourite among the girls. And I do variations with different types of fillings every week so much so that I get asked almost every week “so what filling are we trying next”. The younger one even makes it a point to carry an extra wrap for her best friend, bless her kind soul!

Coming to wraps, you gets tons of different ones at every store. My personal favourite is the wholegrain one from Baker’s Life available at Aldi. A pack has 8 pieces and it is ideal for us as each person gets 2 each for lunch. Coming to the roast chicken, I buy the one available at Foodland, I did try the one from Coles, but did not like it that much. You can use your own continental style chicken filling in this recipe, it does not necessarily have to be the one from Foodland.

2 pieces of wholegrain wrap
150 gm roast chicken, shredded
handful of shredded lettuce
1 tomato, sliced thinly
1/2 cucumber, julienned (lebanese or continental)
Barbeque sauce
Tomato sauce

How To
Microwave the wraps for 30 seconds. You have to keep in mind that these are half cooked and require minimal heating. One one side of the wrap, place the roast chicken in a line, top it with lettuce, tomato and cucumber as shown in the picture. Now one squeeze of mayo, tomato and barbeque sauce on top of this in one long line and we are ready to go. Roll up the wrap and cover with cling wrap or foil and place it in a paper bag and voila your roast chicken wrap is ready! It’s that easy!

You can try variations with the filling and if you are a fan of the Frankie from back home, you can even try making frankies out of these wraps. It wouldn’t be as tasty as back home, but it would be healthy and definitely remind you of home!

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