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By now most of my readers would know that I have moved down under for a while. To be precise, its been a year and a half!

Now, some time before I made this trip, I had revamped the look and feel of Linu’s Kitchen to make it more readable and accessible as this space had been lying idle for a long while with just an occasional post from my end. I had decided it was time I started dedicating some time here as well and then Australia happened out of the blue! Needless to say, this space again took a backseat.

Though we are still in the process of settling down, this website has been on my mind for quite some time. So much so that I started feeling guilty! I have been thinking, rather stressing out as to what should be the next course of action. I work full time now though I do take occasional orders when I miss baking too much. I honestly cannot go without baking for more than a week at a stretch! Again, in all the craziness that comes with managing a home, kids, work and baking, I was just not finding the time or energy to peep in here!

And then I took a 2 week break over Christmas and traveled and it put my mind at ease. Sometimes you just need to step back and look at life objectively to understand and work towards filling the gaps. And then as luck would have it, my better half stumbled upon the movie Julie and Julia last night while browsing the net and I wanted to show my girls my real inspiration behind this website and the small baking business I had back home. Call it fate or destiny or anything, while I sat watching the movie, my mind kept hopping back and forth thinking about what led to my starting this space in the first place! And as the movie progressed, I started feeling more and more at peace with myself. Maybe this is who I am meant to be, for now at least. It just hit me in waves that writing was what I had been missing all along.

So here it is. I am challenging myself to write at least one post, be it a new recipe or random musings or a revamp of an old recipe, I will start making this space a priority! If I cannot find half an hour a week to nurture this space, then I am simply not worthy of all the love I have received over the years from all of you! It’s just as simple as that! So yeah, I am definitely taking care of this space from now onward. And that is a promise!

To start with, here is a snap of last night’s dinner. Not much fanfare, just simple wholesome soul food!

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