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Flower Drum

And the veg saga continues….Its been some time since I earmarked Flower Drum and Darios for the season of lent 🙂 And last Sunday, it was the turn of Flower Drum.
This restaurant serves both Chinese and Thai cuisine and is one of its kind since this is the only place in Chennai that serves 100% vegetarian Chinese. We were apprehensive as soon as we reached the building this restaurant is located in. Prince Plaza in Egmore is in such a dilapidated stage that we really thought of heading to some other place for lunch! To top it all, we went to the third floor by mistake and landed right at Momo (or was it Momos?). This place was bustling with diners and was brightly lit. For one second, we wished we had made reservations at this place instead of Flower Drum. The place looked so inviting! We found out from the doorman of Momo that Flower Drum is on the second floor.
Dimly lit, Flower Drum oozed “Chinese” from the word go. Right from the decor, to the lighting and even the staff. However, the place was only half full even at 1.15pm on a Sunday. We were handed the menu as soon as we had settled in (which itself took some time since there were four kiddos all trying to regale us with their heroics!). The family we were with had already had a portion of soup while they were waiting for us. We opted to skip soup and straight away ordered the starters. Crispy chilli baby corn, steamed wonton and stir fried tofu were the starters. The steamed wontons were sticky and none of us liked it much. But the baby corn and tofu were delicious and disappeared within no time at all. The person who took the order guided us through the main course and we ended up ordering chowmein, chow faan, flower drum rice, manchow fried rice, sesame flower and veg ball manchurian. Each one of these dishes tasted great and the portions were quite generous. A special mention to the flower drum rice (not 100% sure whether this is the one, may bet it was chow faan?), this dish was a mix of spicy fried rice and crispy fried noodles. In one word, awesome! By the time we had finished the main course, we were all so full that we didnt order dessert. Even the staff deserve a special mention, though they were not always hovering near us, they were quick to refill our plates.
The only hitch was that this restaurant did not have a washroom of its own. You have to use the common mall washroom, about which the less said, the better! Also, parking can be an issue during weekends.
If you are looking for a quick bite, then probably this is not the place. But it is excellent for people looking to catch up over a relaxed, laid back meal. The total bill came to 1720. I am going with a 3/5 for this restaurant only because of the washroom issue, food wise it is a 5/5!
Flower Drum
Rating: 3/5
46, Prince Plaza, Pantheon Rd, Egmore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600008
Phone: 044 3022 8822
Cuisine: Chinese, Thai

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