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Aravana Payasam

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Written by Linu Freddy

Aravana payasam….my all time fav when it comes to desserts:)
6 cups of water
250 gram raw rice/unakkalari
1 kilogram jaggery
350 gram ghee
3-4 cardamom (crushed)
2 tablespoon bite sized coconut pieces/thengakothu
25 gram raisins
20 cashew nuts
How To Make Aravana Payasam
Cut the jaggery into small pieces and dissolve it in one cup of boiling water. Strain this and keep aside.
Boil water in a deep bottomed pan. Add rice and cook till done and water has dried up. Add the jaggery syrup and 100 gram ghee and cook on low flame while stirring continuously. Once dry, add crushed cardamom, mix well and remove from fire. In another small pan, heat 50 gram ghee and fry raisins, cashew nuts and coconut pieces. Add these along with the rest of the ghee to the rice mix. Mix well and yummy aravana payasam is ready to be served.
Source: Vanitha Magazine
Notes: I used only half the amount of ghee mentioned in the recipe. Also, jaggery should be added only after the rice is cooked. If you add it in the beginning, the rice will not cook properly.

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