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Pastina Palada

Written by Linu Freddy

Palada is a must-have dessert for a traditional Onam feast. This recipe has a contemporary twist to it as pastina is used instead of the traditional palada!!!


Pastina (tiny pasta): 1 pound (453g)

Nestle ‘Sweetened’ Condensed Milk: 4 cans (1 can = 14 oz = apprx 400g)

Milk: 3/4 gallon (apprx 3 litres)

Ghee (clarified butter): Three to four tablespoons

How to:

Lightly fry pastina in ghee until golden brown.

Lower the heat and add enough milk to barely cover the fried pastina and allow to cook.

As the milk starts to thicken (and the pastina starts to plump up), add more milk and continue stirring.

Continue to add more milk periodically (that is, each time the mixture thickens) and stir until the pastina gets fully cooked and becomes tender.

Finally, pour in the condensed milk and blend well.

And voilà, Pastina Payasam is ready! Serve chilled or hot.

Note: I used star-shaped pastina.

Recipe By: Donna Paul

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