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Panfried Tofu in Hoisin Sauce

Written by Linu Freddy

Panfried Tofu in Hoisin Sauce


Firm Tofu                           200 gm

Corn Flour                         2 tbsp

Hoisin Sauce                     3 tbsp

Soy Sauce                          2 tsp

Honey                                 1 tsp

Onions                                2 (cubed)

Green Peppers    –              2(cut similar to the onions)

Green Chillies                    2 slit lengthwise (if u like the heat)

Garlic                                   1 tsp

Ginger                                 1 tsp

Spring Onions                    for garnish

Salt, pepper                       to taste

Oil                                       preferably something neutral like canola or rice bran.  Sesame oil would be ideal


1.       Firstly, cut the tofu into pieces that are around 1 cm thick. Place it on a tray and dry it off with a paper towel.

2.       Mix the corn flour with a little salt and pepper. Dust the tofu pieces with the corn flour mixture until all sides are well coated. Let it sit for about 10 minutes.

3.       Heat some oil in a pan and fry the coated tofu pieces until a crisp outer crust is formed. Do not allow the tofu to spend too much time in the oil because we want the inside to continue to be moist and to preserve the softness of the cheese. Overcooking the tofu will make it rubbery. Drain the pieces onto a paper towel to absorb the excess oil.

4.       In a wok, ladle in a tablespoon of the oil that we had used for frying previously (to preserve the flavor) and add in the vegetables , beginning with the onions and aromatics. Since the cooking will be done on high flame, take care not to burn the ginger and garlic.

5.       Add in the green peppers. These need to just glaze over, we don’t need them overcooked and the crispness will give the dish a nice texture in the end.

6.       Add the Hoisin and Soy and give it a nice stir. Let the sauces assimilate properly. Then add the honey and let it coat the vegetables fully.

7.       Check the seasoning once at this point. The sourness of the Hoisin, the pungent soy and the honey should nicely balance out. If the flavors seem off balance, just add a pinch of sugar and everything will come together.

8.        Add the pan fried tofu and stir fry for a couple of minutes.

9.       Garnish with spring onions and serve warm.


1.       I try and pick firm tofu instead of extra firm or silken because personally I feel that this is the variant best suited for frying.

2.       You can also add other vegetables to add the nutritive value of the dish. Zucchini and mushrooms work wonderfully well with tofu.


By: Aswathy

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